Launching in...

Its not official, but we are basically ready to go. If you sign up and upgrade before the 1st of September you will get 50% off for for 12 months as part of our βeta user programme (see below for more info).
It's not official, but we are ready to have you on-board.
Signup before the 1st of September for our pre-launch offer.

Signup / Create account

You will have received an activation email with the address/url to your school/setting login page.

The βeta user programme

A βeta user is a customer who signs up for our programme to test and start using our product before the official launch.
(it also means bearing with us whilst we iron out any wrinkles)

Signing up as a βeta user using the discount code below will enable full access with a 50% discount for 12 months.

What is the catch?

There is no catch, this is a genuine offer that provides mutual benefit for both our early adopters and Brigher Schools. The purpose is to test all aspects of our product with customers who will be willing to use the service and provide feedback along the way.

Benefits as Beta users

  1. Receive the full service at a discount.
  2. Full support with to help get you up and running.
  3. Influencing the development of our product by providing feedback.
  4. Link back to your school, from your testimonial on our website.

What do you need to do to qualify:

To ensure mutual benefit and to show commitment from both sides we would like βeta users to;

  1. Start a subscription before the official launch date (01/09/2017)
    Select a subscription plan, set up card payment and
    use the Discount code BETA-PLAN50 to apply the discount.
  2. Setup your School/Group and link/integrate the enquiry form into your website.
  3. Provide feedback (the good bad and ugly so we get things right).
  4. After using the application for a couple of months, provide a testimonal that we can add to our client list / testimonal on our website.

βeta users will get the discount for 12 months, following this, the subscription will return to the standard pricing.